My Bucket List

During a summer camp in Italy, we asked students to write a “bucket-list” – a list of achievements they aimed to complete by the end of the week. The majority of students, very respectfully, aimed to stroke horses, play dodgeball and eat pizza. Not undermining their goals, as I’m sure we can all agree this sounds like a wonderful week, but it got me thinking – what would be on my bucket list? What do I want to achieve over the next couple of years? 

 I present to you.. My Bucket List

1) Learn a language as near to fluent as possible. Living in a few countries for not-quite-long-enough-to-master-the-lingo has got me speaking fluent cave man, which I am in desperate need of tailoring. 

2) India

3) The only running I’m use to is towards a missed bus or away from commitment. I want to raise the stakes and run a marathon. 

4) Get published.

5) Work on a vineyard, because… Well – obviously. 

6) Be a shots-boy for one night in New York – everyone deserves their Coyote Ugly moment. 

7) Be my own boss. 

8) Dedicate a chunk of time to scuba diving. Months on an exotic beach sound like serious sunburn and gallons of aloe-vera for my poor, pasty skin. Get me under those rays with the fish, coral and bubbles. Complete paradise. 

9) Fly first class – business got me curious

10) Get on a carnival float, ideally Brazil (will settle for Northampton). 

Right, here’s mine* – what’s on your Bucket List?

*for now – there are so many other goals to mention involving humpback whales, Japan, Blue Peter, northern lights – not all at the same time, I should add. This list is a work in progress.


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