The World Was Our Playground

The world was our playground. We were already kings of the castle and we had barely started our adventure together. With two backpacks full of must-sees and once-in-a-lifetimes, our treasure hunt began. Travel plans grew from pillow talk to booked tickets and confirmations. But I wasn’t interested in finding the pot of gold, because I thought I’d already found it. 

Barely both feet were on the ground when everything fell apart. With such indifference, you pushed us and we slid into free-fall. You broke the rules with dirty tackles and cheating, abandoning me in the rusty playground. I hung from the frame by my fingertips whilst the games grinded to a halt. And as I was left hanging, I looked around, and found myself alone in a foreign country, with a teammate just as foreign to me. I crashed to the floor and scrambled to find a place to recover. 

Strap me in a rocket and send me as far away as I can get. 

A place where the mountains are tall enough to hide behind, and the oceans are too vast and dangerous to pass. Give me a time difference that lets me sleep whilst you walk through your days. Put me on another planet, because this one is too small to share with you. But please, don’t tell me I’m running away. 

In time I’ll repaint the playground with bright and exotic colours, but the childish innocence and enthusiasm will forever be stolen. Maybe one day we’ll meet again, after that crowded train station where I said my hardest goodbye. The world is still a playground, but it will take time to find the fun again. But I’m still here, a teammate down, carrying my backpack of must-sees and once-in-a-lifetimes, albeit slightly tattered and frayed than before.


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