Ten Lessons Learnt from Life Abroad

The internet is littered with these nauseating blog posts and buzz feeds that talk about how ‘life-changing’ travelling is and how backpackers will never settle in normal-life again. I agree that travelling is a great time, but we need to have some perspective please. 

You had a gap year, and rode an elephant in Thailand – calm down, the world hasn’t changed that much. 

However, with this in mind, I have created a short list of lessons I’ve personally learnt from living abroad the last couple of years. I hope some of these relate to anyone that feels as lost and clueless as I am. If after reading these you are concerned about my mental well-being, please refer me to your local theapist. 

But most importantly, if any of these points are similar to those patronising, egotistical articles I mentioned earlier, you have my full permission to whack me hard wherever you desire. 

  1. The world’s really not that big. Nothing or no one is more than a flight away.
  2. It’s ok to be selfish (at times.) You don’t owe anyone anything. 
  3. Prove to people you aren’t the stereotype you’re suppose to be. Equally, don’t be afraid to ‘play the part’. 
  4. If it isn’t exciting or nerve-wracking, it’s not right. 
  5. You know how misleading your Instagram is compared to your reality, so stop looking at others in envy. It’s all fake. 
  6. Gut feelings are nearly always right. Listen to them. 
  7. Your morales and standards shouldn’t be compromised for anyone or anything. Let them match you. 
  8. Be the person to make the effort with friends at home. They’re important. 
  9. Be grateful for where you’re at and try not to think about the next thing. Be present. 
  10. You are genuinely capable of anything. Genuinely. Give it a go. 

Right, now you can form an orderly que to punch me. 


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