“Teacher, you look like a pencil”

Teaching English has been a great way for me to fund my lavish travelling plans, and it just happens to be something I really enjoy – the relief. I’ve dabbled into teaching adults, but hands-down teaching children is so much more rewarding, creative and hilarious for me. 

I wish I could say I was laughing with the children, but most often it’s outright at them – in the most nurturing and endearing way of course. 

They’ll be lots more teaching stories coming, but this one is about a 7 year old Taiwanese boy called Jerry. Now, he was the strongest in the class, but don’t let this mislead you into thinking I was working with a room full of bilingual geniuses. Poor Woody, Jerry’s friend, barely recognised his own name for the first couple of months. 

However, in the middle of an advanced ‘Zoo Animals vs Barn Animals’ seminar, little Jerry stood up, pointed at his stationary and said,

 “Teacher Chris, you look like a pencil”

My god, Jerry was creating similes! I was a teaching god. Ghandi, Chiron, Dumbledore and now me. I could retire and die happy. 

Sadly, bringing me back down to earth with a thud, Woody then said that elephants go ‘oink’, and live in the ocean. Clearly, I still had some work to do. 


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