Pull your finger out, Chris

If I had a quid for every time I said, ‘oh, I should start a blog’, I’d be the most glamorous backpacker in town. Unfortunately for my bank account and student loan, I also happen to ace procrastination.

Well here we go, I’ve got 6 plus years of travelling stories/memories/near-death encounters that need to be penned down somewhere. Some will be funny, occasionally sad and perhaps the odd mundane one. Forgive me as I rattle around that cobwebbed brain of mine, trying to piece together half-forgotten stories like a chewed up jigsaw puzzle.

This isn’t going to be ‘travel guide’ blog, if anything, it’s a ‘what-not-to-do’ – as you read about a half-wit Brit aimlessly stumbling around the world.

I feel you have been adequately warned about the content coming your way, and on that note let’s dive right in with the first entry…
The Travel Tramp 

(aka Chris)


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